Analysis of the provided information on the operational condition of the well

Water sampling and laboratory tests for ion content:

• water sampling

• conducting laboratory tests for iron ions

Selection of inhibitors:

• based on the analysis of water samples, the appropriate type of inhibitor is selected

Carrying out of research and industrial researches:

• research and industrial studies of the corresponding corrosion inhibitor are carried out at the customer's wells

Regulations for the use of inhibitors:

• on the basis of the received results of research and industrial researches the regulation of giving of the corrosion inhibitor is made

Control of iron ions:

• constant control over the content of iron ions in the water during the supply of corrosion inhibitor to the well


Treatment of wells with liquid surfactants:

treatment of wells with liquid surfactants using pumping equipment

насос 2.png

Well treatment with solid surfactants :

treatment of wells with solid surfactants using a lubricator