Ukrpromhimtech Limited Liability Company was established in 2016.

The main goal of the enterprise is to implement projects for highly efficient complex chemicalization of oil, gas and gas condensate fields in order to intensify hydrocarbon production.

The company has all the necessary production equipment and production base.

Highly qualified personnel is involved in production.

Product quality control is carried out in the laboratory.

The efficiency of our products is greatly increased due to a comprehensive approach to each individual well.

Currently, the company is developing dynamically.

What do we do?

➤ Production of surfactants (surfactants) for foaming formation water, gas condensate, oil, water-oil mixture

➤ Production of chemical stickers for foaming gas condensate, oil, water-oil mixture, formation water

➤ Production of ASPV solvents

➤ Production of ASP dispersants

➤ Production of acid, hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide corrosion inhibitors (solution and sticker)

➤ Production of salt inhibitors (solution and sticker)

➤ Production of salt solvents (solution and sticker)

➤ Production of emulsifiers for silencing, well blocking